VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service.

Choosing a domain name

Server Resources

With VPS hosting, you’ll enjoy greater private disk space and higher overall resource availability. 


You can ensure your site’s security with more robust safety features that are only available through VPS hosting

Server Administration

VPS-hosted websites are often more complex in terms of resource management and therefore will usually require a specific system administrator to focus on maintaining the server


It’s no surprise that VPS hosting offers better overall performance based on the bandwidth it offers users


As with any paid service, a more expensive plan offers more premium features, and the same rings true for VPS hosting


The customizable features of VPS hosting allow you to scale more quickly and easily. If you predict you’ll eventually need to scale up on the fly to meet demand

Stand Alone

Stand Alone

Guaranteed Resource

Guaranteed Resource



Website Performance

Website Performance



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